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Jun 16, 2022

The Wonderful Madrid Menu

Madrid offers some of Europe’s most splendid weather mixed with a laid-back lifestyle, world-class museums, elegant architecture, and a wonderfully diverse population. However, Madrid also offers incredibly delicious food.

The city is home to cuisine from every world corner, including delicious home-grown classics.

Did you know that Spain’s cuisine is regional? As a result, the food is different in Basque County than in Catalonia. The good news is you can try all of Spain’s cuisine within its capital city. From mercados to aperitivos to Michelin-starred restaurants—Madrid has it all. In this article, we will show you the best of Madrid’s amazing culinary culture.

The Top Places to Eat in Madrid

Madrid is the third-biggest city in Europe after London and Berlin. Therefore, you’ll find endless places to eat. Here are some of the best options for you:

1. El Cisne Azul

If you’re looking to taste toadstools, you’ll struggle to find a better spot than El Cisne Azul. You’ll find the restaurant located in Chueca, and they specialize in mushrooms, chanterelles, and Madrileños. The restaurant offers an eclectic range of dishes made with wild mushrooms. However, food critics also love the restaurant for its range of grilled meats and extensive wine list.


Address: Calle de Gravina, 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain

2. Casa Dani

Casa Dani is the ultimate no-frills restaurant at an affordable price with incredible dishes. It’s also the best place in Madrid if you’re looking to taste the city’s finest tortilla española (Spanish potato omelet.) The dish is so popular the restaurant cracks an average of 2,000 eggs daily, cooks 1,700 pounds of potatoes, and services over 400 tortilla española each day.

Website: www.en.casadani.esLink opens in a new tab

Address: Cl. de Ayala, 28, 28001 Madrid, Spain

3. Angelita Madrid

You’ll find Angelita, Madrid a block away from Gran Via. However, this wine-centric restaurant would be packed if it was on the outskirts of Madrid. The restaurant grows all vegetables on the family farm, which provides the ultimate freshness. Some of the restaurant's best dishes include Pisto and Iberian pig sirloin. 


Address: C. de la Reina, 4, 28004 Madrid, Spain

4. A’Barra

A’Barra is a top Michelin-star restaurant that received a Michelin-star six months after its opening in 2016. Since then, the restaurant has evolved without losing its philosophy in the kitchen and the dining room. In addition to the main dining room and all the delightful dishes, you’ll find a bar area seating about 20 people. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the chef and order traditional and nontraditional food options.


Address: C. del Pinar, 15, 28006 Madrid, Spain

5. DiverXO

DiverXO is a Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of Madrid. David Muñoz, one of the top chefs in Spain, has been the restaurant's head chef for years. Although the waiting list at DiverXO is lengthy, it’s worth the wait to have the opportunity to eat there. A popular option is eating the sea urchin directly served into your hand. Nonetheless, it’s a three-hour dining experience with more than 20 dishes that’ll blow you away.


Address: NH Eurobuilding, C. del Padre Damián, 23, 28036 Madrid, Spain

6. Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel can become a top tourist destination in Madrid. With its prime location outside Plaza Mayor, it’s the most visited and most famous food market in Madrid. Unlike other Madrid markets—where locals do their weekly shopping—Mercado de San Miguel is all about eating. You’ll find every Spanish dish under the sun here. Popular spots within the market include La Casa del Bacalao for seafood and La Hora del Vermut for tasty local olives.


Address: Pl. de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid, Spain

7. Bodega de la Ardosa

Bodega de la Ardosa is a 127-year-old tapas bar in the heart of Madrid. Guests adore the cobwebbed bottles, the antique tchotchkes that line the walls, and the wine barrels fashioned into the tables. The restaurant's best dishes include fresh sea anemones, sherry-braised beef cheeks, and gushy tortilla española. If the restaurant is busy, you can walk past the right side of the bar and find more space to enjoy your food.

Address: C. de Colón, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain

8. Coque

Coque is one of Madrid’s most prestigious restaurants. The famous Sandoval family runs the restaurant and has passed it from parents to their children. The restaurant offers an impeccable dining service, two complete tasting menus, and simple decor. You’ll even have the option to pair wines complete with a unique gastronomic experience in the heart of Madrid. Due to its exquisite service and spellbinding food, the restaurant has won two Michelin stars.


Address: C. del Marqués del Riscal, 11, 28010 Madrid, Spain

The Top 5 Local Dishes in Madrid

1. Bocadillo de calamares

Bocadillo de Calamares is a typical Madrid dish that you’ll find in almost every bar and restaurant. The food consists of a baguette-style loaf of bread filled with fried squids. The best restaurant to enjoy Bocata de calamares is La Campana in Calle de Botoneras, 6.

2. Tortilla de patata

Tortilla de patata is one of the most famous Spanish dishes. People often eat a ración portion for brunch, depending on the number of guests. However, you’ll also find others who eat them as a pinco (small portion.) The main ingredients include potatoes, eggs, and onions. It’s the ideal vegetarian alternative to Madrid’s street food.

3. Cocido madrileño

Cocido madrileño is one of the top traditional dishes in Madrid. Spanish families cook the dish for special days and events. Although it’s not an expensive dish, many people consider it to be a gourmet dish in specialized restaurants. The best restaurant serving Cocido madrileño is Malacatín in the middle of La Latina district.

4. Churros

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, Churros are the perfect dish for you in Madrid. You can find this fried-dough pastry treat throughout the city at any time of the day. However, locals tend to eat Churros after 6 pm. Alternatively, you can eat Porras (the thicker version of Churros.) They’re perfect when dipped in hot chocolate with a nice cold drink. The best places to eat churros are La Antigua Churrería, Chocolaterías Valor, and Chocolateria 1902.

5. Callos a la madrileña

Callos a la madrileña is one of Madrid’s oldest dishes, dating back as far as 1599. The dish includes chickpeas, beef tripe, chorizo, and blood sausage. It also comes with garlic, tomato, and bell peppers. Locals will cook the stew on Sundays when sitting together with the family, but you can eat it throughout the city all week. The best places to eat Callos a la madrileña are Bar Alonso or Lhardy.

Final Thoughts

Madrid’s food selection is one of Europe’s most diverse. It doesn’t matter what you want—you’ll find it in Madrid. If you’re visiting Madrid, prepare yourself to eat large quantities of food, explore food markets, and enjoy endless selections of tapas.

Get your stomach ready for Madrid. You’re going to eat plenty of incredible food.  

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