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Mar 23, 2023

The Foodie’s Guide to Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm—Sweden’s vibrant capital city—is famous for its pop music, endless lakes, lush forests, and coffee culture. However, the city is one of Europe’s most multicultural citiesLink opens in a new tab, with 27% of the city’s residents coming from overseas. So, it won’t shock you that it has one of Europe’s most incredible food scenes. 


Stockholm is home to many global cuisines—including Italian, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, and more. That said, Sweden also offers delicious traditional cuisine, and Stockholm is the best place to try it.


Here are some of the best places in Stockholm to eat and drink:

1. Ekstedt

Let’s start with Sweden’s number one Michelin-starred restaurant: Ekstedt. The owner is celebrity chef Niklas Ekstedt who refined traditional Scandinavian culinary techniques. As a result, Ekstedt is home to some of Sweden’s most exclusive New Nordic cuisine. The restaurant cooks all their food without electricity, gas, or microwaves. 


If you love Scandinavian design, Ekstedt is the ultimate place for you. It includes compact wooden tables, exposed tungsten lights, and a rustic stone bar. Better still, although it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant, you can purchase food for reasonable prices—making it ideal for budget travelers. 


Address: Humlegårdsgatan 17, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden

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2. Oaxen Krog & Slip

Stockholm is a stunning, picturesque city. So, there’s nothing better than a restaurant with a view, and that’s where Oaxen Krog & Slip comes in. Situated in a gorgeous waterfront location, Oaxen Krog & Slip has both the scenery and the food to delight your eyes and taste buds. 


This fine-dining restaurant has two Michelin stars for its supremely presented seasonal tasting menus decorated with wild herbs from the nearby woodlands. Magnus Ek—one of Sweden’s most prominent chefs—runs the kitchen; he ensures the restaurant has a more casual feel to its fine dining. Here’s a tip: the Sunday roasts are fantastic, so head there on Sundays. 


Address: Beckholmsvägen 26, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

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3. Indian Street Cuisine

You’ll find Indian cuisine regardless of where you are in the world. Nonetheless, Stockholm has some of the finest Indian cuisines in Europe. And the best option is the Indian Street Food food trucks you’ll find throughout Stockholm. You can discover where their trucks currently are through their social media. Link opens in a new tab


They also sell their delicious Indian street food in five different establishments in the city, and both of their Vasastan branches are open until late (check their website for current locations). Also, check out their samosa wraps with mango dips, mild and creamy curries, and naan bread with Västerbotten cheese. 


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4. Östermalm Saluhall

A food lover hasn’t truly explored a city until they wander around one of its food markets. Sweden has various top-class food markets, but Östermalm Saluhall became the 7th best food hall in the world. It’s also Jamie Oliver’s favorite food destination in StockholmLink opens in a new tab


You’ll find the city’s best exotic fruits, salmon, reindeer, boar, and pretty much anything a foodie would adore. Stockholm recently restored the building in 2020, restoring it to its 19th-century architectural glory. 


Address: Östermalmstorg 31, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden

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5. Häktet

Häktet is a superb option for people of all ages and tastes. The restaurant has only five main courses to choose from, but they’re all utterly scrumptious. Situated inside a former 18th-century food hall, the restaurant offers various European flavors with a contemporary twist. 


Although the restaurant likes to keep it simple, they switch the menu constantly throughout the year. So check out their website for the latest menu options. However, the venerable cheeseboard is available year-round. Likewise, ensure you try the traditional Swedish crispbread with a large dollop of marmalade; it’s amazing. 


Address: Hornsgatan 82, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden

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6. AG

If you’re a meat eater, look no further than AG, the best meat restaurant in Sweden. You’ll find specialty cuts from local butchers, marbled rib eye, and wagyu beef. Although the restaurant prides itself on serving world-class meat, you can find vegetarian and fish options throughout. 

In addition, the restaurant serves meat from across the globe—including the United States and Japan. The lead chef—Johan Jureskog—will be sure to find the best steak for you. All meat dishes come with sauces and mouth-watering sides.


Address: Kronobergsgatan 37, 112 33 Stockholm, Sweden

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7. Hermans

Hermans is the top option for vegan travelers visiting Stockholm. The restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet with a fantastic waterfront location. There’s also the option of terraced garden seating to enjoy the superb city views. 


The menu includes classic Vegetable Lasagne with red lentils and bechamel, Makhani, fragrant rice, roasted root vegetables, street corn salad with peppers, Persian stew with tomato and chickpeas, and Caesar salad with seitan chicken. 


Address: Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden

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8. Mom’s Kitchen

Mom’s Kitchen is the best spot in Stockholm if you’re seeking budget—yet delicious—food options. First opened in 2014 with a desire to create wholesome homemade food, the restaurant serves delicious local cuisine at affordable prices. Mom’s Kitchen prides itself on cooking ‘easy to take home’ dishes without compromising on quality. 


The restaurant ensures no food includes stabilizers, acids, preservatives, dyes, or flavor enhancers. What’s more, the staff prepare all food in the kitchen to ensure daily freshness for your taste buds. 


Address: Nybrogatan 40, 114 40 Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm: Home to Some of the Tastiest and Healthiest Food Worldwide

Stockholm is one of Europe’s best city breaks; it’s also superb for food, drink, and other delicacies. 


Although Scandinavia has a stereotype for being expensive, you can find budget options in Stockholm. You’ll also find any cuisine from any corner of the globe due to Stockholm’s cosmopolitan vibe.


It’s an excellent city for foodies—regardless of their food preferences. 

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