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Feb 3, 2022

The Foodie's Guide to Stavanger

The Foodie's Guide to Stavanger

Step aside Oslo, Stavanger is here and ready to rock the foodie world! Stavanger is the fourth largest municipality situated in the western part of Norway. Stepping into Stavanger is like stepping back in time as they have tons of wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries that are protected.

From breathtaking landscapes to historical sites and quirky museums, you’ll have no shortage of things to do in this beautiful city. However, one of the things that keeps people coming back to Stavanger is the incredible food scene!

If you are letting your tastebuds guide you on your tour around the world, then keep reading. We’ll be going over the different types of food this unique municipality has to offer.

The Foodie's Guide to Stavanger

Street Food of Stavanger

Often, “street food” is something we associate with warmer climates. However, Norway definitely has a lot to offer in this realm of the foodie world.

Foodloose: First on our list in FoodlooseLink opens in a new tab, brought to Norway by the House of Fingerfood.

Their varied and affordable menu is perfect for stopping by for a quick bite. Here, you’ll be able to order tapas and small bites to enjoy multiple different dishes with your traveling group. You’ll never forget the flavors you try here, but you’ll also never forget the decor!

Middle of the Road

There is no shortage of restaurants that are more casual sit-down in Stavanger.

Due to the rugged terrain surrounding Stavanger, you’re able to find freshly sourced ingredients at affordable rates.

Sabi Sushi: Norway is perhaps one of the best places in the world to enjoy raw fish dishes such as sushi. This Japanese restaurant somehow aligns perfectly with the Norwegian value to source the freshest ingredients locally. Enjoy a range of affordable, traditional Japanese sushi options (including a variety of vegetarian dishes) at Sabi SushiLink opens in a new tab.

Eg & Du: Many reviews of Eg & Du boast that travelers visit this restaurant more than once in their brief stays. This is due to both the rich flavor of the food and the impeccable service offered by the staff. This place is perfect for traditional Nordic cuisine at an affordable rate.

Bølgen & Moi Stavanger: This beautiful restaurant is one of the best ways to enjoy an affordable meal right in the harbor of Stavanger! They have both a lunch menu and dinner menuLink opens in a new tab that is sure to tickle your fancy. Enjoy dishes such as halibut, venison, cod, mussels, and delicious desserts at Bølgen & Moi.

Fine Dining in Stavanger

Stavanger is no stranger to the fine dining scene for food, and you’ll be spoilt for choice at the many options you have.

We kept our list down to just two, but you could spend a week or two trying a different fine dining restaurant each night you’re in Stavanger.

Spiseriet: This restaurant is located in the gorgeous Stavanger Concert HallLink opens in a new tab, so you’re able to enjoy both dinner and a show. There is a rotating menu with limited options, but each dish has been carefully curated to create an absolutely perfect evening of dining for you.

Re-Naa: Re-NaaLink opens in a new tab is one of Norway’s incredible Michelin star restaurants. This unique dinner focuses on the flavors of nature and curates only the best ingredients from the sea, the fjords, the mountainscapes, and more.

They also have trained sommeliers to pair the drink menu with your dinner for an absolutely blissful evening. Unlike some other Michelin restaurants, this location is completely unpretentious and focuses on a personal, warm, and romantic atmosphere for your dinner.

The Foodie’s Guide to Stavanger

As you can tell, Stavanger is a hidden gem that is soon to become every foodie’s favorite travel destination.

Now that your stomach is grumbling thinking about all the great bites Stavanger has to offer, it’s time to think about booking your trip!

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