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May 25, 2022

Biking in Tenerife

Located off the coast of West Africa, Tenerife is the largest of Spain's legendary Canary Islands. This gorgeous island is known for its breathtaking sights such as Teide National Park, Siam Park, and Cueva del Viento.

However, one of the best ways to find adventure in this piece of paradise is to enjoy some serious cycling.

That's right, biking in Tenerife is potentially one of the best spots in the world for avid cyclists. While most races take place in Europe, many professionals use the beautiful island of Tenerife to train.

If you're interested in biking in Tenerife, we highly encourage you to book your travelsLink opens in a new tab as soon as possible. Keep reading this article to learn why Tenerife is the hidden gem of the cycling world.

Biking Tours in Tenerife

If it's your first time in Tenerife, you're probably looking to just dip your toes in. Checking out a road bike tour with an expert is your best bet. Bike Point TenerifeLink opens in a new tab offers road tours that vary depending on your skill level so that you can feel confident on your first tour.

They will have an expert cyclist leading the tour, and they'll also have a backup tour van and mechanic so that you can feel safe. Additionally, this is the perfect way to meet up with other cycling enthusiasts. They also have intermediate and advanced tours, so you can select depending on how much you want to push yourself.

Not only will the tour be fitted to your level, but you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy a full Canarian lunch after your bike tour. Trust us, you'll definitely be earning that lunch!

Road cycling not your thing? No problem.

They also have mountain bike toursLink opens in a new tab that will take you through some of the most beautiful lands in all of Europe. They keep safety a top priority and can even arrange drop-offs and pick-ups if needed.

If you are seeking to combine some historical information alongside your breathtaking bike ride, check out the Ride BaseLink opens in a new tab tours offered on Trip Advisor. You'll get to experience some of the most famous routes in Tenerife while also learning the history of the island.

Competitions to Keep an Eye On

If you are a professional cyclist (or looking to break into this exciting sport), keep an eye on the European sites with the race event dates.

The beautiful Tour of TeideLink opens in a new tab is perhaps one of the most thrilling ways to view the most incredible views of Tenerife. The route of this tour goes through Masca and Teide National Park, totaling around 30 km.

Mountain Bikers, Enthusiasts, and Professionals

One of the reasons Tenerife is such a popular cycling destination, ranking highly for cyclers across the globe, is the year-round sunshine that this island has to offer.

Nothing is worse than planning a long training day only to have it thwarted by uncooperative weather.

It is for this precise reason that Tony Ludwig created Club ActivoLink opens in a new tab. He has a master’s degree in Physical Education / Sports Science and Recreation Management and is a passionate traveler. He created this club to encourage cyclists to train year-round on this beautiful Canary Island.

Connecting with Club Activo is an excellent way to find stellar gear, connect with other avid cyclists, enjoy high-energy training camps, and more. One of the best parts of cycling is the community itself, so don't miss out on this opportunity if you are traveling to Tenerife and plan on biking.

The Best Biking in Tenerife

As you can see, whether you are a beginner, enthusiast, or training professional, Tenerife truly has it all when it comes to cycling. With breathtaking views, unbeatable weather, and an extensive biking community, you shouldn't wait to head on over to Spain's largest Canary Island.

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