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May 25, 2022

Best Relaxation Spots on Tenerife

Tenerife offers everything a modern resort island should. Fantastic food, luxury resorts, fun for the whole family, and entertainment options for everyone.

It’s all mere minutes away from spectacular natural beauty, whether you prefer the beach, the forest, or the mountains.

Getting away from it all comes naturally on TenerifeLink opens in a new tab, part of the Canary Islands located around 325 kilometers (200 miles) from mainland Africa. Don’t worry, it’s easily accessible by two airports serving major commercial airlines like PLAYLink opens in a new tab.

If you want your body, mind, and soul to escape from modern life for a while, check out these wonderful places to relax and find a sense of peace in Tenerife.

Spas in Tenerife

Your choice of more than 130 spa and wellness centersLink opens in a new tab awaits you on Tenerife, from luxury day spas and themed spas to ones right on the beach and even two heading up towards the mountains.

Most spas in Tenerife are part of a larger hotel or resort, so look for spa packages that offer discounts when you book your vacation with that particular hotel.

Massages in Tenerife

Just about every spa on the island offers some kind of massage therapy to work the kinks out of your tired muscles.

Did you bike a little too hard along your coastal tour or pedal too fast heading up the mountain course? How about swimming too long in the sparkling blue water and then your muscles cramped? Or maybe you just want to feel pampered?

You have myriads of options when you want an afternoon massage in Tenerife.

Pick a massage right on the beach. Afterward, if you’re not snoozing in the midday sun, head right back into the warm water or soak up the sun mere steps away.

Much like the spas, you have themed choices for massages. Swedish. Thai. Indian. And much more.

They are all here, waiting for you to ease the tension out of your muscles.

Yoga & Wellness Retreats in Tenerife

Spas and massages take care of your physical body.

Next, it’s time to pamper your mind and soul.

Just like the spas and massage destinations, yoga and wellness retreats occur right on the beach, in a dedicated resort, or along the road to the mountains.

Some yoga retreats offer secluded pools and dedicated resorts surrounded by palm trees, vibrant flowers, and native plants.

Others provide a traditional Asian retreat vibe filled with pagodas, bonsai, meditation gardens, and plants from India and China.

Our Top 5 Recommendations for Places to Relax on Tenerife

No matter where you go to relax, you have plenty of choices. You could spend a year in Tenerife, picking one spa destination per week, and you would only experience less than half of what this vacation island has to offer.

Take a look at our top five places to relax on Tenerife.

1. Spa Vitanova

Spa VitanovaLink opens in a new tab frequently ranks as one of the top luxury spas on the island. Its main focus is on water and the natural relaxing properties it has.

The thermal circuit at Spa Vitanova provides a masterpiece of 12 stations, one hot followed by one cold, designed to give all of your muscles a relaxing, temperature-filled time. You’ll receive serious pampering from 34-degree Celsius seawater hydro-massage before heading to a toning pool at 10 degrees.

When you’re done, you head to the wellness bar to enjoy a delicious smoothie or nutritious drink.

Address: Calle Alcalde Walter Paetzmann, s/n  38670 Costa Adeje  Santa Cruz de TenerifeLink opens in a new tab

2. Purple Valley Yoga

For a true getaway amid your vacation, Purple Valley Yoga has everything you need to relax.

This retreat destination has a limit of 35 guests at a time. Constructed of local stone and wood, the main buildings have a traditional vibe of a yoga retreat nestled in the mountains of the Himalayas.

The on-site gourmet food, served by one of the top chefs on Tenerife, features vegetarian culinary delights.

This site is brand-new at Hacienda Cristoforo in Playa Paradiso, away from the bustling tourist spots. You’ll be surrounded by nature where, when you meditate, the only sounds you hear are those of the local birds welcoming you home.

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3. Wellness Tenerife

Imagine getting a couples massage on the beach at sunset after a busy day.

That’s what Wellness TenerifeLink opens in a new tab offers visitors in Costa Adeje with its mobile massage service.

If you’re staying near Olé Tropical Tenerife Hotel, drop in for a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure for some all-day pampering.

Address: Hotel Olé Tropical Tenerife, C. Bolivia, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de TenerifeLink opens in a new tab

4. Healthy Harmony

The staff at Healthy HarmonyLink opens in a new tab wants to help you achieve and sustain your maximum emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

This retreat offers massage, reflexology, reiki, and emotional freedom techniques to bring your inner life back into balance. You can also take workout classes, tai chi, and one-on-one personalized sessions at the retreat or wherever you’re staying on Tenerife.

The professionals here are highly qualified to teach whatever courses you feel are the best fit for you. The retreat is nestled among trees and tropical plants while giving off a mountain vibe.

Address: Cam. las Tuneras, 1, 38626 Arona, Santa Cruz de TenerifeLink opens in a new tab

5. Sparadise at Paradise Park

Sparadise provides all of the amenities of a larger resort that caters to relaxation as part of a lifestyle hotel designed around fun. If you want a private spa, this is your place.

The resort has fun things for kids to do while you relax. The cozy spa at the heart of the hotel offers couples specials, luxury packages, and even spa experiences for kids.

This relaxation spot has it all, even if it’s nestled in one of the busiest areas of Tenerife.

Address: C. Hawai, 2, 38650 Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz de TenerifeLink opens in a new tab

General Tips for Relaxation in Tenerife

When you find your best spot for relaxation in Tenerife, follow a few general guidelines:

  1. Research your choices before making a decision. There are tons of online reviews to read from reputable sources. Always do your research first.
  2. Choose an activity you enjoy. If you already know what you like, pick your favorite. If you’re not sure, try something new and exciting!
  3. Look for package discounts, couples’ spa time, or ones attached to resorts. Combining spa services can lead to discounts for your relaxation time. If you’re there on a romantic vacation, plenty of places offer couples packages. When you stay at a spa resort, look for activities for the kids while you pamper yourself for a few hours.

Enjoy your stay on Tenerife, and experience why millions of people flock to this warm destination every year.

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