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Dec 6, 2022

Discover Geneva

Aerial view of Leman lake - Geneva city in Switzerland

Finding time in your busy schedule to discover Geneva can bring you as much excitement as any of the world’s fabulous travel destinations. Geneva is one of Switzerland's most populated cities and among the world’s premier financial centers. Dubbed the peace capital of the world, no other city is home to more international organizations than Geneva.

It is the headquarters of the WHOLink opens in a new tab, ILOLink opens in a new tab, WTOLink opens in a new tab, WIPOLink opens in a new tab, and others. As the gateway to both the French and Swiss Alps, Geneva is an ideal base for ski and mountain lovers.

Whether you are a lover of adventure, nature, archeology, science, or food, you’ll have no dull moments as soon as you discover Geneva. Geneva's temperate climate will keep you comfortable all year, whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Lake Geneva, the Reformation Wall, the Patek Philippe Museum, and the Water Jet are just some of the places that people visit in Geneva.

1. Science

The highlights of Geneva will surely include the city’s strong science heritage. It is home to scientific landmarks such as the Science History MuseumLink opens in a new tab and the Botanical Conservatory and Garden, which has one of the world’s largest herbariums. Most notably, it is the location of CERN, a global powerhouse when it comes to scientific research. The largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world is the organization's Large Hadron ColliderLink opens in a new tab in Geneva.

The Collider, whose construction started in 2008, has since become an important annual global tourist attraction. Surely, beholding the wonders of particle physics with your very own eyes is one big motivation to discover Geneva. CERN is not just about the Hadron Collider, though, because it has made some impact in other areas of research.

If you are new to discoveries in astronomy, it might also interest you to know that it was a team led by researchers from the Astronomy Department of the University of Geneva that first discovered a planet orbiting a sun-like star in 1995.

The Globe of Science & Innovation and the 15-tonne steel sculpture in CERN, Geneva

2. Magnificent Mountains and Winter Wonderlands

Geneva is a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Geneva. The Jura Mountains, which are also beautiful, surround the city on three sides. Mount Blanc, the most beautiful and well-known mountain in the world, is the highest peak in the Alps.

In a nutshell, the beauty of Geneva's natural surroundings, including the winter, is easier to see than to explain. If you’re passionate about mountaineering, skiing, or snowboarding, then you must pack up and head to discover Geneva and enjoy access to some of the leading ski resorts on earth.

3. Historic Museums

The Reformation Wall was mentioned earlier. After you must have concluded a tour of the wall, you should also be curious to learn about the activities of John Calvin, William Farel, Theodore Beza, John Knox (whose statues occupy the wall’s center), and other protestant reformers. You can satisfy this curiosity by visiting the International Museum of the Reformation.Link opens in a new tab It is located near the La Cathédrale St Pierre, on the ground floor of the historic Maison Mallet.

The Reformation Museum is just one of several museums in Geneva. Others include the above-mentioned Patek Phillipe Museum, Olympic Museum, Ariana Museum, Modern Art Museum, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Carouge Museum, Marionette Museum, and more. In a nutshell, if museums and the visual knowledge they bring interest you, then you must sojourn to discover Geneva.

4. The Gateway to the Swiss and French Alps

Geneva has one of the best views from anywhere in Switzerland. Moreover, its strategic location means that, through it, you can connect both the Swiss and French sections of the Alps. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, and you are talking about Geneva.

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5. Winemaking

The areas around the shore of Lake Geneva have been producing fine wine for centuries. Some of Geneva’s wines have scooped up a number of awards in recognition of their quality. The city's location near the Jura Mountains makes it a good place to grow grapes, which are an important part of making wine.

Rhone and Arve boast rich nutrients that are very useful to Geneva’s vineyards. The nutrients in the moraine and alluvial deposits make sure that the best grapes are grown. Whether you are shopping for Geneva’s wines, hiking into wine-producing areas, or about to enjoy your dinner with wine made in Geneva, there is something special that Geneva has in store for you. 

6. Shopping

Geneva is not only one of the world’s most affluent cities but also a shopper's delight. It is home to elite brands such as Rolex and Cartier, among several others. If you are into high-end shopping, then places like Rue du Marche and Rue du Rhone should be your destination. If not, then consider places such as the 24-hour Plainpalais Flea Market. In all, whatever your shopping tastes or preferences, you’ll find more than a few ideal places in Geneva.

7. Watchmaking

Switzerland is renowned as the world’s leading watchmaker, and Geneva is a big part of that reputation. Indeed, Swiss watchmaking history is incomplete without mentioning Geneva. One place to learn everything about Swiss watchmaking history is the above-mentioned Patek Phillipe Museum in Geneva.

If the intricacies of watchmaking interest you, then another destination you need to explore is Initium WatchesLink opens in a new tab. There, workshops are frequently organized, and guests are taught everything they wish to know about the science and art of making watches. Initium lectures can last for as long as a whole day or much less.

A Swiss watchmaker concentrating on assembling fine internal watch parts during The Watches Day, an annual exhibition of Swiss watchmakers

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