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Cheap flights to Stuttgart


Cheap flights to Stuttgart

There’s this place in Germany where cutting-edge modern technology lives side by side with Renaissance architecture and high-end culture, a place of huge stately buildings, museums, operas, palaces, urban vineyards and sports car showrooms. This is of course the shining city of Stuttgart and there’s more to it than meets the eye.

This isn’t just your average car city where a car manufacturer once set up shop. Automobiles and motorcycles were actually invented in Stuttgart by none other than Karl Benz. This cradle of cool cars wears its shiny car logos with pride. High-end car manufacturers like Porsche have their headquarters here and whether you have a passion for cars or just enjoy beautiful design and history, the Mercedes-Benz Museum comes highly recommended.

But that’s just first impressions. After a day in Stuttgart, you’ll learn that this is also an international metropolis, full of contradictions that live side-by-side in harmony. This fact is perhaps most evident in its architecture. Stuttgart, like many German cities, was heavily damaged in bomb raids during WWII, but many of its older buildings have been beautifully restored and nestled between them are stunning modern architectural wonders and newbuilds.

Stuttgart is also the only city in Germany that grows wine grapes within its city limits, and its wine industry is as highly regarded as its cars. You should never drink and drive but in Stuttgart, you should drive a beautiful car to a glorious vineyard for an authentic first-class wine tasting. Just grab a taxi on your way home or walk the old streets of the charming historical center.

Stuttgart is in fact a multi-layered, boiling pot of diversity with a huge number of immigrants, high quality of life and a very low crime rate. This rich and affluent city is considered one of the safest cities in Germany and a wonderful place to live in as well as visit. But if the glitz and glamour of a buzzing cosmopolitan life wears you down, the enchanting Black Forest is an hour’s drive away, full of scenes from the Brother Grimm-fairytales, cuckoo clocks and the world’s most picturesque villages.

All in all, Stuttgart is a wonderful host and the perfect destination, whether you’re in it for the wine, the cars or its rich history and high-tech culture.