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Cheap flights to Barcelona

As far as diverse destinations go, Barcelona is one of a kind. This sunny metropolis on Spain’s east coast has all the trappings of a modern European city with the added benefit of numerous wonderful beaches.

Barcelona really offers the perfect combination of culture, cuisine and sunshine, made complete with the Mediterranean that hugs this city’s east coast beaches. For the cultural traveler, there are numerous jaw-dropping moments to be had. First on that list should be Gaudí’s incredible Sagrada Família church, where fantasy meets art in an otherworldly building of epic proportions. Construction of the unfinished basilica began nearly 140 years ago but the complexity of the building, funds and wars have stalled the project immensely. It may still be unfinished, but few buildings will instill awe in its visitors like Sagrada Família.

Other Gaudí destinations in Barcelona include Casa Mila and Park Güell, both equally fantastical and worthwhile destinations. Those thirsty for historical and famous art should head to the Picasso Museum to soak in some of the painter’s most important works.

The historic Gothic Quarter in the city center is a particular favorite among tourists. The narrow streets, historic architecture, medieval atmosphere, amazing cuisine and charming shops are hard to beat. Stroll around this charming area and be sure to sample the best of Spanish cuisine.

A different kind of popular culture can be found in the city’s favorite sports destination, the Camp Nou football stadium. The stadium is a major tourist attraction for its history, size and informative tours and comes highly recommended for both football enthusiasts and their reluctant travel companions. Those that need a break from the city should head for Montjuic hill for a hike around the medieval fortress or catch a ride in the cable car for some amazing views.

Last, but certainly not least, the beaches of Barcelona deserve their own mention. Each with its own characteristic, they run all along the city’s 4.5 km coastline and some are nestled up to the city center. While some people opt for water sports, others for a proper beach party and still others for a more relaxed experience, there is a beach for everyone in Barcelona.

If your group of travelers can’t agree on anything or if you just can’t decide what you want out of your vacation, Barcelona is probably the perfect answer to your holiday prayers.