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Cheap flights to Amsterdam

Cobblestoned streets, dramatic history, unique architecture, amazing art and the quirkiest city character you can find. We are of course talking about Amsterdam. While European capitals are known for their unique and colorful characters, Amsterdam is an absolute gem among them. Maybe it’s the old and narrow warehouses that create those picturesque façades. Perhaps it’s the colorful houseboats parked in the canals lined with more bicycles than you can count. It might be the liberal attitude, the legal weed and the taxed prostitution. Or it’s the city’s many ambitious museums that display some of mankind’s most remarkable artworks.

Whatever it is, Amsterdam leaves no visitor untouched. It’s a city that at times feels like a set from a children’s play and is best viewed on foot (or bike of course). If you’ve ever made the mistake of driving a car into downtown Amsterdam, you’ve probably sworn to never do it again as you’ve backed out of multiple one-way and dead-end canal streets. These streets were never meant for cars and they have no plans on changing that. But that just means they’re all the more enjoyable to wander around on foot. As you stroll through these charming streets, indulge with a Dutch pancake for breakfast, inspect the brush strokes of a Van Gogh original in the afternoon and check out the city’s famous cafés in the evening. This metropolis doesn’t care about where you’ve been or where you’re going. Amsterdam is to be enjoyed in each creative moment.

While Amsterdam seems to celebrate things most cities deem illegal, it’s considered a safe place with a very low crime rate. The arts and culture of the Dutch grassroots thrive here and there’s a special mixture of high-culture museums and fringe artists’ workshops that create a unique atmosphere of sharp cultural criticism in a fairytale setting with no repetitions.

The markets in Amsterdam are packed with intriguing treasures, the restaurants explore food with seemingly no boundaries and the lights of Amsterdam create a setting straight out of a 19th century Christmas play. Step into the adventure that is Amsterdam and act out your own unique story.